Ever Monaco 2020

Fifteenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies.

Up to 1960, automotive manufacturers didn’t worry about the cost of fuel. They had never heard of air pollution, and they had never thought about the life cycle. Ease of operation with reduced cost maintenance costs meant everything back then.

Times have changed. Nowadays, clean air mandates are driving the market to embrace new propulsion systems to substitute or to assist the internal combustion engine. Within the same commitment, the alarming increase of the emissions of greenhouse gases associated with the drain in time of fuel reserves makes it vital for the investigation and the development of renewable energy systems.

EVER2020 is intended to be a forum of specialists coming from both universities and industries, involved in R&D projects in the area of ecological vehicles or renewable energies or both.

EVER2020 attendees will have the opportunity to share their scientific, technical, business and social experiences with other attendees coming from all over the world, through the presentation and the discussion of their recent works either at a lecture or poster sessions.

Riviera Electric Challenge : Cagnes for Ever.

Organized on the fringes of EVER 2020, the Riviera Electric Challenge 2020 will build on the success they enjoyed in past years. Its aim is to bring together companies and groups carrying out best practices in the integration of electric vehicles into their fleets.

This objective of this event is to complete a route using an electric vehicle using as little energy as possible. The route will start in Cagnes-sur-Mer and end in Monaco, both towns being founders of this event. At each staging post, the participants will be asked questions linked to the implementation of the energy transition in each site.

Round Tables Sessions.

The international meetings, at the heart of the EVER event taking place from 8th to 10th May, will turn the spotlight on five focus areas and bring together various personalities (industrialists, engineers, researchers, local authorities, professionals) in the conference rooms of the Principality of Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum.

Each round table session, based on one main theme, will address crucial and vital high-level issues. EVER 2019 is the ultimate international meeting for the key players and decision-makers of tomorrow’s economy. A forum for discussion and professional meetings.

The Club of Ecological Vehicles brings together parliamentarians, local councilors and political figures from across the political spectrum.

The exhibition area “Le Diaghilev” will showcase ecological vehicles and renewable, energies, grouping together stands conducive to professional meetings. These stands will welcome companies, grandes écoles, associations and long-established partners of the EVER event. This area will foster personalized discussions and promote business.

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